There are two fees to be paid:
1) the participation fee, paid in PLN to the University of Warsaw, and
2) the EACSL membership fee, paid to the EACSL.

Apology: We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by the need of paying two separate fees, unfortunately it was not possible to find an alternative solution.

The registration is now closed. If you still wish to participate, please contact us directly.

Participation fee — Early bird

There are the following mutually exclusive early bird registration options:

  1. CSL’23+FICS/LMW regular — 2150 PLN.
  2. CSL’23+SchwentickFest regular — 2450 PLN.
  3. CSL’23+FICS/LMW student — 1150 PLN.
  4. CSL’23+SchwentickFest student — 1450 PLN.
  5. FICS/LMW workshop — 500 PLN.
  6. SchwentickFest workshop — 800 PLN.

a) It is possible to buy additional tickets for SchwentickFest dinner (300 PLN, up to 30 people). Please contact us if you wish to buy additional SchwentickFest dinner tickets.
b) It is possible to buy additional tickets for the CSL banquet (350 PLN). Please contact us if you wish to buy additional CSL banquet tickets.

For each accepted CSL paper at least one co-author should register with option 1 or 2 above.
The early bird deadline for receiving the payment is 20/01/2023.

The participation fee covers: coffee breaks and lunch at CSL and / or workshops, CSL reception, and CSL banquet.
The participation fee does not cover the mandatory EACSL subscription fee for 2023, which is to be paid separately to EACSL (see below).

Student support

We offer up to 10 reduced registrations for students, first-come first-served policy.
If you are a student and do not see the student registration option anymore, please contact us.

Cancellation policy

We accept cancellations before 03/02/2023 by written email request (contact us).
For cancellations before this date, we will keep the following non-refundable costs, and refund the rest:

  1. CSL+workshops regular: 850 PLN.
  2. workshops only: 150 PLN.

Student registrations are not refundable.
No refunding will be issued after the cancellation deadline.

Participation fee — Late

There are the following late registration options (after 20/01/2023):

  1. CSL’23+FICS/LMW late — 3000 PLN.
  2. CSL’23+SchwentickFest late — 3300 PLN.
  3. FICS/LMW workshop late — 750 PLN.
  4. SchwentickFest workshop late — 1050 PLN.

Bank transfer details

The payment of the participation fee is by bank transfer in PLN to the University of Warsaw, according to the following information:

BENEFICIARY: Uniwersytet Warszawski
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
00-927 Warszawa

BANK NAME: Bank Millennium SA
IBAN: PL67 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9250

Transfer reference template: CSL23 + FirstName LastName

EACSL membership fee

The EACSL membership fee for 2023 is as follows:
– students: 5 Euro
– members of EATCS (≠ EACSL) or ACM SIGLOG in 2022: 15 Euro
– regular: 20 Euro

This fee has to be paid directly to the EACSL:

BANK NAME: Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau in D-98684 Ilmenau/Germany
IBAN: DE13 8405 1010 1010 2197 54

Transfer reference template: Membership 2023 for FirstName LastName Email
All banking fees have to be covered by the sender.